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Feb: Pioneers Incubation

The agenda today:
CTD Event:
300 people. We are The perception in the Installation Business has diluted. Whatever needs to happen can happen through Diagnostics and Implementation. But they need to understand whatever nitty gritty are required happen only through Installations.
The shift is getting people just for the live, another 400 new people only for the Live. what should be the positioning for that.
We are doing a referral campaign with uP!, LYL and B!G. We’ll say, ‘’You have two coupon codes and you can bring two people for 14 plus GST. This price is not available for any new person’’.
Early bird is 18 plus GST. We will show seating.
Diamond is for existing community.
Platinum is for anyone else.
We need to send 2-3 Engagement Emails.
It’s a funnel that we will automate as well as calling the customers who have purchased.
We need to call 300 people who have not confirmed. If they say that they are happy with the changes, ask “If you get a promotion, will you say no? Missing this event is equivalent to that.’’
Javed, Krishna and Yash to be trained by Antano for calling these people.
This time building authority is through ‘Explicit Demonstration’.
This time CTD is about ‘Installing capabilities through Mentoring’.
Vibe, they are not doing things that no one else is doing. Pivot into an opportunity that is already existing.
They need to finish the previous CTD Masterclass.
Close the Deal could be many things. It could be about

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