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Jan: Bootstrapping Projects

Projects for the next 3 months creating WOW outcomes for the business that are realistic to achieve, e.g. reaching 20 CR revenue every month
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Business function heads choose a suitable template on Coda and create a document each which clearly explains the things to be done, objectives and business outcomes to be expected from the projects that each of the functional heads are responsible for.
Please make sure that it includes the full description of the project, current status of it, business outcomes and funding options if any, who are the team members, challenges, hiring requirements.
It has to be a detailed functional document and not a list.
The submission of this project will include a review and in the review we are going to keep in mind-
Is it clear what the business is going to do everyday?
Is it clear what the assets will be?
Is it clear what the services will be?
Is there a metric?

This project is significant to bring integration within teams. In a meeting, teams understand what another team is doing and the intention for why they’re doing it but they don’t necessarily remember the next time.
Sometimes, some people try to optimize it in a different way which slows the business and also wastes their time that they could have spent on something else. So, eliminating these things enable better integration.

Team ‘Bootstrapping Projects’

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