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18th: Pioneers Incubation

The agenda today:
Close people in the clinic for Boosting Energy/Vitality, 15 K product
Affiliate Managers online
Delivery Management:
No scheduler, booking appointments on App, anybody who’s in implementation
Taking more people in the Delivery if required. Change work: Anybody at any level can do change work for any level before them. People in Diagnostics should be able to do Starter Pack. there will be momentum, business can do lot of Sales.
Taking people from the community into Delivery - Aishwarya Subramanian, Jyoti Gupta and three more people.
Change work recommended availability is 8 hours, we can go down to 6 hours.
The client should be able to schedule 24 hours or more ahead of time, not less than that
Delivery Appointments: flexible 5-day work week for change work people & 6-day work for Change work Specialist as half of the time goes into their education
Abhisekh and Pallavi to review change work videos and bring it to Antano’s attention where the person needs education
By next week, we are automating the Sales system. Puru has the list and is the product manager who shall be working on this
Priority products: EI Specialised Programs
EI for Entrepreneurs
Started Pack
We need to start rolling out uP! confirmation. Jawahar Lal Auditorium is not available, we can consider Mukesh Patel, NSIC, Shanmukha rejected
Accelerator Event to happen from 12th April to 23rd April 2023

A&H are like beetles. Its impossible for the people to recognize
If we can bring Contrast Frame calls across the organization,
All the before-after videos, they are of several outcomes which unconsciously tells people that whatever happened in their life happened because they came to us
Messaging of BiG outcomes, communication through Letters
Non-negotiable Pre-posts that are being shot continuously
Two challenges:
we do not have the time after every event and every product to continue
it’s difficult to make people recognize
Installations work on large group of people, i.e., 700 people
CTD is going to be a good sample ground to validate the above.

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