Transformation Toolkit
Part 1: Discovery

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Picture the scene: It’s some months from now, and you’re celebrating! Isn’t it wonderful to see everyone together like this? And you deserve it: over this period, you, your teams, and your entire organisation have achieved far more than anyone would have thought possible. You dared to aim high, and still you smashed it!

What makes this celebration so special? We’re going to explore that via some time travel and the classic journalistic questions of Who, What, When, Where, and Why, otherwise known as the five W’s.
When is the celebration?
The timeframe required for this significant change
What are you celebrating?
Key accomplishments, objectives, goals
Who is at the celebration?
Organizational scope/identity; others involved or supporting
Where is the celebration?
A venue that makes a statement about how this is valued
Why are you all here?
The why of the whole endeavour, not just the celebration
Describe Your Celebration
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