Transformation Toolkit

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Transformation Toolkit

Let this Coda doc and the Agendashift framework help transform how your organization works.
As an coach that helps teams adopt new ways of working, to be effective I try to bring the best tools and techniques from different sources. That's one reason when I read by I thought it had a lot of potential as a framework to guide organizational change. Some of it's biggest strengths are how across the framework, it integrates different techniques together:
Clean Language
A3 Thinking
Systems Thinking
Story Mapping
Lean Change

This Coda doc is a - very incomplete - adaptation of Mike's method for organizations to use to help guide them through the steps involved in a transformation.
While some of the content in this doc is my own spin on things, much of it is sourced from Mike's website and book, and some is also borrowed from and his talk at TAC 2019, . They've both thankfully made their material available for reuse by adopting the license. I've included a full list the sources materials used in the page. You're also free to copy this doc for your own use and remix it.

Part 1: Discovery

Discovery is about creating an aligned picture for your group about what sort of transformation you want. Using the , we start by individually describing how things will look after the transformation is complete, and then proceed to do a to see how others in our group described the same event.

Part 2: Assessment

While Discovery helped us define our transformation goal, Assessment is about creating consensus about the current situation. We start by individually answering the different about how we work today and then as a group review the to see where there are areas of agreement or disagreement.
Once we are all aligned on where we are now and where we want to go, we can start adding the details about what will take us there.

Part 3: Obstacles and Outcomes

Gives us the opportunity to take the Assessment prompts that stood out the most about how we work today and describe the reasons why we're not working as effectively as we think we should. With those obstacles described, the next step is to to describe what positive working behaviours we want to be true instead.

Part 4: Shaping

Shaping our work starts when we of our desired outcomes and then proceed to in order to give our changes the best chance of succeeding. We tackle assumptions, risks, telling stories of the problem, and describing what the future looks like after our changes are successful.

Part 5: Transformation Plan

With our outcomes fully defined, the last part of this doc has us and then asks us to . As we agree on a set of changes to implement next, the last step is to to completion.

Extra: Resources

In , you'll find all of the source material that was used to develop this doc. You'll see the raw that are used in the doc, which you can use to edit any entered data or to customize how this doc works.
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