Transformation Toolkit
Part 4: Shaping

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We now have some clarity and agreement on the outcomes we want and details about them, it's time to turn them into changes we can run.
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Help people understand and respond to your outcomes

Use these extra fields to add additional details to the obstacles and outcomes we created earlier to make discussions with the group more productive.

The problem and the solution

Tell a single specific story that describes why the obstacle is a problem to make it clear why it's important to resolve. Then, tell another story that illustrates how things would work when the outcome is true.


These are the things we don't know yet, or that we will only find out after work has started.


These are the things the change will need to succeed. These can include obstacles that need to be removed, or resources that we don't currently have.

People impacted

Have we thought through all the people that will be impacted by the change?
Will this change impact support?
Will this affect how other teams or groups work?
Will this change affect customers?


What are the risks involved with this change?
What could go wrong?
If we succeed or fail with this change, might there be other unintended consequences?
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