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Standard processes for regular activities & emergencies
Here is the instructional section of your handbook. Employees will read about the proper way to set a table and how to react when someone is choking. When giving these instructions, be as detailed as possible. Because there are legal implications, particularly for the health and safety sections, consult an attorney and reference applicable local, state, or federal law.

General Procedures

Pre-shift meetings

If you host pre-shift meetings, explain how they will be conducted and when staff should show up for these meetings.

Health procedures

How should staff handle allergy warnings? What about a policy for when someone is choking or is having a medical emergency? In case of emergency, 9-1-1 is the number to call.
→ mention other kinds of emergencies??

Setting the table

What goes on the right? The left? Here would be a fitting time to include an image or a photo for employees to reference.

Opening & closing

Include explaining who is responsible for which tasks during opening and closing. Emphasize the areas of security, such as locking up and securing valuables.
→ decide whether to put this here or
OR reference both FOH & BOH sub-pages.

Kitchen safety & sanitization

Remind back-of-house workers to follow all guidelines and regulations that ensure safety in the kitchen. This should cover the steps taken to keep employees safe from harm and customers safe from improperly handled food. Hand washing, glove wearing, food cleaning, and dishwashing should all be reviewed. Review legal requirements, including applicable local law, and consult an attorney for guidance.

Alcohol serving policy

Ensure all IDs are checked before serving alcohol. Also, what employees are able to handle alcohol in any capacity? Review applicable federal law, and be sure to check local and state laws for specific requirements. Consult an attorney for guidance drafting this policy.

Comping/voiding checks

Are employees allowed to comp/void tabs on their own, or do they need approval? If they can do this themselves, how do they go about this on the point of sale system? (link to training documentation for this)

Theft/robbery policy

In the event of a robbery, give employees guidance to protect their safety. In case of emergency, 911 is the number to call.
→ other emergencies as well, including medical emergencies and fire / physical hazards

Asking for help

Remind employees to ask for help when needed, especially for menu-specific issues, health/allergy concerns, or even proper pouring methods. To not ask for help could impact the guest’s experience in a negative way.
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