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Front of house procedures

Dining room and bar duties

Summary of responsibilities here, then go into details in following sub-sections:

Begin shift


End shift


Open the restaurant


Close the restaurant


Financial processes

Cash and tip handling

Details on handling cash here

Closing out



→ device policy here to ensure that handhelds don’t get lost

Changes to orders

Recurring Tasks

Bathroom cleaning

→ outline specific processes here
hang up mops & keep separate from ice cream place........ all the things discussed

How to safely serve and restrict alcohol to customers

Details on how to safely serve alcohol

Process for managing wait

→ hand-written list? should we use some kind of application? yelp? hopefully POS...
probably won’t need for a while, but may need later for special events that draw in extra people


Comping/voiding checks

Are employees allowed to comp/void tabs on their own, or do they need approval? If they can do this themselves, how do they go about this on the point of sale system? (link to training documentation for this)

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