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Guidelines for team members to follow & expect from management

General Policies

Employment types

Different types of employment receive different combinations of benefits. This table has the breakdown:
Employment Type
Benefits Earned
Work at Restaurant as primary job
>20hrs weekly
Entitled to all
Work at Restaurant in less than 100% capacity
<20hrs weekly
Entitled to 50% of
Work as self-employed or for third-party group
Not a Restaurant employee
No benefits
There are no rows in this table

Non-discrimination policy

As an “Equal Opportunity Employer”, we celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees. Please contact the management team if you identify gaps in this area that we can address.


Performance evaluation

Performance evaluations will take place on a quarterly basis, at the discretion of the management team, with an annual performance evaluation taking place before year end to assess any associated rewards and acknowledgement.
It’s important for all team members to set personal goals and work towards them, and it is highly encouraged that you review those goals with your manager. Besides progress towards personal goals, general criteria for assessment may include:
customer service
...as well as your contribution towards broader Restaurant success metrics, which could include:
profit margin
increase in sales in your domain

Performance achievement

As a result of performance evaluations, you will receive constructive feedback and could be eligible for official recognition or some form of reward. Check with the management team for more information

Fireable offenses

At Restaurant, we strive to create a safe and transparent working environment. The following behaviors will not be tolerated & can result in termination of employment:
Neglect of duty
Endangering the safety of other staff and guests
Immoral or indecent conduct
Violations of state/provincial or federal law
Destruction of property
Consuming alcohol or illicit drugs while on duty
Abusive/threatening/coercive treatment of another employee or member of the public
Harassment and discrimination of fellow employees or the dining public
Falsifying documents

Disciplinary actions can be taken for any of these
Specify that disciplinary actions are subject to your discretion as the employer and, depending on the infringement could involve:
A verbal warning
Formal written reprimand
Suspension of pay and work

Attendance & employment

Lateness policy

We expect you to show up on time and be present for the full duration of your schedule working hours. Of course, life happens. If you have an emergency that prevents you from coming into work, contact your manager at the first available opportunity.
Unexcused absences will be officially reported to the management team for review and multiple or continuous absences can result in an intervention and potentially termination.

Accidents and emergencies

In the case of an accident including illness or physical harm of a guest, fire, flood or a hostile person on the premises, call 911 as necessary, and notify the management team.

Worker’s compensation

All Restaurant employees are entitled to workers compensation for job-related injuries such as injury caused by the repetitive use of a body part at work, stroke caused by work, heart attack caused by work or pre-existing conditions made worse by work.
Please contact the management team for more information on benefits and details on filing a claim.

Suspension of employment

Terminating employment

If you wish to voluntarily terminate your employment, we request that you provide a three-week notice. As a reminder, your employment at Restaurant is at-will and may be ended by you or the Restaurant team at any time either party chooses.
In the event that Restaurant would like to terminate your employment without cause, you will be notified at least three days in advance.
Involuntary termination with cause does not require any prior notice, although the Restaurant management team aims to be transparent with expectations and warnings so that all team members are aware when they are at risk of involuntary termination with cause.

Leave of absence

Leaves of absence can be classified as mandatory or voluntary. The goal of a leave of absence is to ensure that team members can take time off without risk of losing their job. The policies regarding each are described below.

Mandatory leaves of absence

Restaurant is in compliance with all federal regulations relating to mandatory leaves of absence. Our policy for the following types of mandatory leaves of absence is described below, and more information on your rights as per state and federal laws can be found here.
Pregnancy disability leave. Restaurant will provide reasonable accommodation to pregnant team members to help them continue to perform their jobs. As a reasonable accommodation, Restaurant can provide unpaid leave when necessitated by pregnancy, childbirth, or medical or common conditions resulting from pregnancy or childbirth.
Jury duty leave. Restaurant will allow for time off to serve on a jury, with no change to benefits or position because of jury duty leave. Guidelines for planning this unpaid time off will be the same as any other time off requests, and team members will be expected to inform their managers as soon as their jury duty date is confirmed so that the schedule can be altered appropriately.

Voluntary leave of absence

A voluntary leave of absence, as it is referred to in this document, is an extended period of time Voluntary leaves of absence will be granted only at the discretion of the management team after a written request via email is submitted. Upon completion of the voluntary leave of absence, you will exempted from the application process and automatically considered for your old role, but the position will be based on need and circumstances and will not be guaranteed. Employee benefit coverage during a voluntary leave of absence is also subject to the discretion of the management team.
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