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Stepping through the policies, procedures and way of life at our restaurant
The Restaurant team aims to create a cozy meeting spot with delicious food and great music, run by a team who value community and friendships.
This handbook was created with the goal of onboarding all team members to this mission, and to the expectations, policies and procedures that drive it in our service every day. As you proceed through this doc for the first time, explore each section and the sub-headers within it. When you finish, please scroll to the bottom of each page to check for a button confirming that you read the section. Click the button and when you are finished with all the pages, the button on the page should be ready for your “signature”. Please acknowledge a last time there and find the photo release form on that page as well. Please contact the management team with any questions on this process.

Our vision

Restaurant was created by a team of locals who wanted a space to gather and meet friends with live music and great food. We took over a location previously occupied by a venue that had hosted a close-knit community that wanted to have a place to go again. Our core goal is for Restaurant to be a safe & welcoming space that local residents of all ages can enjoy.

Our values

We will have an indulgent & delicious menu made with fresh ingredients. Our live music will feature and attract the best local talent while providing a venue for new performers. We aim to use our physical space to create a comfortable and inviting environment. We will always be a good neighbor to other local businesses and the community at large.
Above all - Restaurant aims to be a supportive and welcoming community, and we are excited for you to be part of that community.

Handbook Overview

This doc is meant to provide you an overview as well as specifics on how Restaurant operates. Click the sections on the left 👈 or the links below 👇 to explore. We want this to be a living document, so feel free to provide feedback and ask questions as you go through the sections.


This handbook is not a legally binding contract. Policies stated here are subject to change at the Restaurant management team’s discretion. Employment in the US is “at-will”, meaning that you or our Restaurant may terminate our employment relationship at any time and for any reason, so long as it is not discriminatory.

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