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Please use the buttons below to complete acknowledgement of the employee handbook and grant photography consent.

Acknowledgement Form

My acknowledgement below indicates that I have received and read the Restaurant Employee Handbook.
I understand that this handbook contains information regarding the Company’s rules, regulations, and benefits which affect me as an employee. The information provided here is not comprehensive and any questions or clarifications should be directed towards the management team. This document is not a binding contract.
I acknowledge that I have read and understood the Company policies.
I also understand that Restaurant may change, revise, supplement or rescind policies, procedures or benefits described in the manual, with or without notice.
I acknowledge this statement

Photography Consent Form

Anonymous User
, hereby grant permission to Restaurant, to take and use: photographs and/or digital images of me for use in social media and/or promotional materials.
These materials might include printed or electronic publications, Web sites or other electronic communications. I further agree that my name and identity may be revealed in descriptive text or commentary in connection with the image(s). I authorize the use of these images without compensation to me. All negatives, prints, digital reproductions shall be the property of Restaurant.
I acknowledge this statement

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