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KPI Recommendations

These are the KPIs I recommend for your business in this growth stage.
Track Sales Target: Partnerships, Consulting, Education
Track Source: Where did you find this person? Former student, Speaker Networking, etc Right now, your business is ALL about prospecting WISELY and SYSTEMATICALLY.

1. P&L per product family (Education / Speaking / Consulting / Partnerships (maybe each Partnership))
Categorize sales revenue per product family as Categories in QB: Education Sales, Speaking Sales, Consulting Sales, Partnership Sales
NO need to classify expenses or time in QB — that’s easy enough to do back-of-envelope style (Quarterly, probably) by looking at your timesheets.
2. Sales goals per product family (Education / Speaking / Consulting / Partnerships)
Quarterly sales goals (# and $$)
x historical conversion %
= how many prospects per Quarter
This will tell us when we’re ahead of (or behind) forecast — and tell you where to apply your energies (or when you can ease off).
3. Systematized sales funnel for each product
Track certain demographics - that you’ve determined might be salient from your pattern-spotting.
Trying to get a sense of who is more likely to convert vs not, so we can concentrate efforts
Track Time-to-Convert (and/or #-Calls-to-Convert) - So we can get a sense of how long the average gestation period is.
Track all the tasks and next-steps - The same system should serve up your weekly to-do’s.
We need to learn what a “good” prospect looks like, so we can apply your energies efficiently, and forecast effectively.
4. Student Happiness + Testimonials
Tracking happiness is always wise, but this also rolls into marketing copy, future prospects, future referrals, etc. Automate this and give them a small gift for completing it (like 3 months free in your Student Alum Network Group).

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