TGA Anne Legg

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Growth Plans

Your 12-18 month plans, mapped.
Land 3-4 Big Partners (50+) — 1 a quarter?
2 nibbling right now CUNA, Trellins + need 2 more
PLAN to find, qualify, woo and sign .....2 more
Systematize speaking gigs
This is systematized from prospecting side. Content creation is a moving targte.
Land Partnership deal
Systematize marketing
Systematize prospecting
Alum Community
Keep having a bead on her next product
Consulting prospects are in this pool
Is there a subscription based offering here down the road?
Woo students into this (send several emails)
Value in:
With articles and such already in there.
Early content + exclusive content
^^ Extension of her social media. Content calendar exists.
Value extraction: promote more classes, small-marketing product.
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