In this section, I describe what I do to keep the routine chores of life easy to do and manageable, so I have the energy to focus on the rest. I spent three months defining it while working with a coach and increased my happiness to levels I did not think possible.
As a person with ADHD, I have issues with routine and staying on track with boring and repetitive tasks. Routine tasks are can be disscarded in my priority but still affect my mind space if I see clothes on the floor or dishes that are not clean.
The first step was creating a system that would allow me to take care of those mundane tasks sustainably.

Life areas

I split my life in 6 different areas. When I did the exercise I dedicated one week for each to define a plan for each area.


- includes everything that I need to keep the house clean
- includes best practices on defining what to eat and when to hydrate
- includes what I need to do to keep myself in good physical health and feel energized by my body, including exercise, doctor visits and rest/sleep.
- everything to keep my mind healthy, from meditation to healthy habits.
- everything that I need to take care of my child.
- how manage expenses and and keep healthy budget


For each area of your life you want to go over this process:
For each area, define all the tasks
For each task list all the questions
Define ADHD way for each task (or consider delegate) - eg. the simples way to do the task
Make sure tasks are in calendar / todoist, so you can keep track of them

Below is an example of some of my tasks:
List of all tasks
Task name
ADHD way
In todoist?
Dentist checkup
physical health
do myself
every 6 months
have reminder to book; have already a dentist lined up; call dentist and schedule time; schedule already next one at each visit
1 hr
at time of convenience during the day
clean wc
home organization
every week
delegate to hired cleaner
1 hr
on fridays
drink 12 glasses of water per day
do myself
drink a glass every hour, track in fitbit app
cut hair
mental health
every 2 months
do it always in the same place, call ahead to book it
1 hr
book it a time of conveniencec (eg. after lunch)
Monthly lunch with Helena
mental health
do myself
every month
each one take turns, find interesting new restaurants to try
3 hrs
every 2nd friday of the month
There are no rows in this table

Daily Routine

I found it super important to establish a daily routine to myself, in order to be productive. I need to change it a bit overtime (to shake things up) and change it according to the season (harder to take a walk outside in winter, so might take it inside). This routine is result of reading and listening to lots of science experts, detailed in the .
Morning routine
Face wash
Morning walk (10-15 min) - important to get the body moving
10 minute meditation - Calm daily medidation
Get sunlight - super important in waking up - on winter if gray day I use a ring light
Read - I find the morning the best part to read things that are complex, like reading a textbook about physics or AI
Plan the day
Review what are the tasks for the day
Prioritize the tasks by priority
Add to the calendar (time box them)

Throughout the day
Exercise + Shower - depending on the day. Exercise plan can be found in - sometimes I like to do it first thing in the morning, but I also feel
Lunch is my first meal (I do fasting in the morning)
Quick walk after lunch

Brush teeth
Write evening journal
Sleep routine
10pm leave my phone in the living room and go to bedroom
Have a book to read that not super important to focus (makes me sleepy)
Make the thermostat be cooler in evening (19c) to help sleep

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