Here is my curated set of tools on things. It is split by my current stack of tools that I use and list of interesting products that I am willing to try

My current stack

browser that allows you to split into different workspaces, controls tab management and allows for creating canvas “pinterest” style
: task list management, I use it to set my day to day priorities
- use it
- e-mail client
- mediation app, use it for daily mediation
- app that has simple exercises to do during work to avoid back pain


: other option for google calendar
: chrome extension that allows you to limit the open tabs
Time tracking
- keep track on how you spend your time
Calendar management
- automate calendar management
- calendar organization

Social media

- grow and monetize twitter audience

Writing tools / Creator

- AI written copy
- create your own online course
- convert written content into audio
- organize things creatively
- checking texts for complicated words


- learning science interactively
- cohort based courses
- access to books in PDF

Startup building

- free stock images
- building CS with automated workflows

Productivity / Automations

: automate folder management in your mac
- increase efficiency on macs using hot keys
: use python script to automate tasks in iphone
: automate tasks like filling forms
- home automation
- home automation for light switches etc.
- to save keys and other stuff to be accessible by atuomations
- applescript way easier

Machine learning

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