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I’ve been an active Coda maker since early 2020. I am an expert at blending structured and unstructured data to solve complex business cases and turning processes into functional docs. I work and live in Ghent, Belgium, so we can speak in Dutch, French, or English.

1️⃣→ Complex Business Cases

Complex calculations based on numerous variables are always a challenge, but in Coda your chance to make mistakes are far less than in any spreadsheet. Give it a try and you will be surprised.

2️⃣→ Docs as powerful as apps

Creating docs that feel like apps is one of the main advantages of Coda. We take care of design and functionalities. Your input is our guidance.

You want to know me better? Have a look at my writings and join my 130 plus followers. The blogs reflect the work I do and contain valuable insights.


The Fibonacci template shows how inventive we can be with Coda while the second takes away the need for external automations. Both rather simple docs show the great quality of Coda, while the others show more advanced use cases I worked on for clients.


I work mainly for smaller companies in Belgium and in the Netherlands and for a few USA clients. Planning, Calculations and Permission Management are corner stones in my work. Besides I work on industry specific cases like time table management for bus companies. One of my clients recently wrote:
Your work was instrumental in getting the company through an important period of growth, so thank you for that!
And I’ll be sure to come to you with future coda projects for other clients (and possibly us ourselves) as they come up!
While an other client an a different industry shared:
Wow, this is fantastic...your coda coding is truly remarkable. Although I cannot comprehend exactly what it is and how to deploy, understanding a virtual index seem like a key ingredient into what I'm trying to accomplish.


Per project as of 5000 Euro (about 40 hours).
Around 125 Euro per hour

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