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Coda template employee positions

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All you need are 2 sub pages to create, edit and update data


Why this template?

The system relates employees to their managers and team leaders and thus the right person can get the right notification
The system permits to show relations between people, teams, managers etc and dates, the famous Bill Of Material logic applied to HR
The system links to the right task and sub taks based on an advanced URL logic
The doc shows that by hiding most pages you can work very well with views of tables and controllers to provide a calm context for users
Which maybe the greater win as of the moment you understand the formulas.
The fewer tables you show, the better the experience in general

How to use this Template?

You copy the functions in your own docs. That is all. No packs to install. Simple and straightforward.

Is there support?

If you need support, we can set up online training. Once the payment is in, you have 30 min for free.

This template is for sale.

349 Euro Ref: Employee BOM logic
You receive access to a copy you can duplicate in 14 days after your payment.

Something I need to know?

You find my . The summary is that once you have access to the doc and its content (including the formulas) you can use it as you see fit. How you apply them is your and yours alone, I am not involved. If you have purchased this template, you also do not intend to share the formulas on a commercial basis with somebody else. This I cannot check, it is a matter of courtesy.
I assume I can trust, may I be mistaken don’t hesitate to correct me.
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