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(Extra) Java Developer


What are the tasks of a Java Developer?

Java programmers develop web applications or apps for their customers. The Java developer’s customers can be in-house or external customers. The most common Java applications include business applications, utilities, but also games.
Java is one of the object-oriented programming languages. Programs written in the Java programming language are divided into objects and classes. Unlike other classic programming languages, Java developers work with so-called program libraries. Ready-made software modules are stored in these program libraries, which programmers combine to develop new applications and apps. But the work of a Java developer is not just about programming. In order to create an application that exactly meets the needs of the customer, the first step is to create a precise analysis of the customer’s wishes and goals.
In discussions with the customer, the Java programmer usually works in a team with other project members to determine the customer’s requirements and goals that are to be achieved with the application to be programmed. The main goal of every Java developer is that the resulting application or app is easy to use by the end customer. Because normally the programs are not used by IT specialists, but by business economists or engineers without the appropriate programming knowledge. When the application or app is finished, the new program will be tested and any errors that may still exist will be fixed. Finally, the Java programmer implements the new program in the customer’s existing system environment. The training of employees is often one of the tasks of the Java developer.

What skills should you have as a Java Developer?

In order to work successfully as a Java developer, you should have specific personal skills in addition to technical knowledge. Java programmers usually have a degree in computer science, business IT, or media. But lateral entrants can also get their chance in the field of Java programming. Java is one of the easier programming languages, which is why it can also be learned easily by lateral entrants. Internships in an IT department allow you to make valuable contacts and acquire the necessary specialist knowledge. In most companies, software development is teamwork and project work. Therefore a high ability to work in a team and knowledge of project management are important personal requirements for a Java developer. A high sense of responsibility, strategic thinking, and stress resistance in time pressure situations are also important personal characteristics.
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