(Extra) Era Områden

(Extra) IOT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a collective term used to describe the vast network of various devices, both software and hardware, equipped with network connectivity that allows them to exchange data and connect with each other. In this article, we take a close look at this concept and see more clearly what it can do and how it can help improve your business operations.

Tips är att skaffa en Arduino eller en Raspberry Pi om du vill börja testa att koda och porgrammera egna små IoT-lösningar:
En liten komponent-dator som oftast används för väldigt specifika ändamål. Såsom en liten racerbil, robotarm, tända / släcka lampor, driva en motor m.m.
Kan vara små och enklare experiment men även mer ordentliga hårdvaruapplikationer.
På hobby-nivå såväl som för att bygga enklare prototyper billigt för företag.
Raspberry Pi
(En liten dator, är oftast mer likt en “vanlig” dator än vad en Arduino är. Har dock modeller som är liknande Arduino med.



Tips att ha koll på (förutom vanlig kod-kunskap):

10 Skills For an IoT developer to have

Here are 10 common skills that are demanded of .

Top 5 IoT Development Tools

Here are 5 tools that developers can use to create IoT products.
top 5 iot development tools


offers a development kit with both software and hardware components and is among the most popular tools for electronics prototyping. It’s open-source, meaning the design of its hardware and the codebase of its software are available to the public.

Eclipse IoT

The is another open-source tool that provides developers with the technology to build IoT devices. It’s the collaborative product of multiple organizations and individuals aiming to create an open-source IoT platform for everyone, including the Windows IoT developer and Microsoft IoT developer.


Zetta is a free, open-source platform for creating IoT servers. Written in Node.js, it turns every device into an API and combines technologies such as reactive programming, REST APIs, and WebSockets in order to handle data-intensive applications.

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