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Workshop 2, 5th April 2024, online

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Around 40 participants took part in today’s workshop; absences were due to overlapping classes or illness. The guiding aims for this workshop were the following:
to consolidate the group by enabling contact and sharing, which was one of the main shared goals expressed in Workshop 1
to consolidate and deepen the group’s previous (SIRP) learning, i.e. the educator role
to support reflection on mentor roles
to help the group process their mentoring experiences before engaging in new mentoring experiences leading up to Workshop 3.

Session 1

In the first session, we said our hellos, shared our expectations of today’s workshop and discussed the group’s experiences of mentoring and being mentored, both by human mentors and by Noticing.
The above bookmark (”Human to human is mentor”) is a reminder of the potential for everyone to act in a mentoring role, helping someone else process their experience. The bookmark was designed before AI became ubiquitous. Judging from the positive experiences of using Noticing, as reported in Slack, there is a case to be made about its power to facilitate professional development, despite some limitations. See Recording 1 in

Session 2

In this session, we had another go at using SIRP aka Five Steps (thanks to Emi, for kindly volunteering a teaching story for us - see notes in ), one step at a time, followed by a group discussion. With so many teachers in the room and a very reflective ‘mentee’, this session spans Recordings 2-4 - see
Successes included:
wonderful questions from the group to elicit more detail about what happened
a range of possible explanations at Step 2
a wealth of suggestions at Step 5, following Emi’s invitation to the group to help.
The main challenges appeared to be:
a lengthy Step 1 to help us create an intricate mental video of what happened, though it turned out to be time well invested because it helped inform the following steps
Step 3 and Step 5 content being suggested before exploring possible explanations at Step 2
identifying useful literature at Step 3
jumping in to help with ideas before being invited.
All very natural to expect as we develop to use SIRP more skilfully!

Session 3

In this final session, we brainstormed example behaviours of the five main mentor roles as proposed by Malderez (2023). The aim of this activity was to raise awareness about the complexity of supporting teacher learning and the many ways in which we can help each other develop.
Our ideas so far are in the following Padlet, which remains open for you to add to as you learn more about mentoring: See Recording 5 in
NOTE: As some of you, in your educator role, are helping your ‘mentees’ plan a lesson, please see the Pre-lesson mentorial protocol in pp. 81-83.

What’s next?

Participants interested in having their project experiences featured in a joint publication to continue making note of their reflections, in our Slack discussions or elsewhere, ready to submit their first drafts for peer review by 1st July 2024. See more information on this in
Due to some participants being unable to attend Workshop 3 on the date we initially advertised (28th June) due to summer camp activities usually commencing around 20th June, we rescheduled Workshop 3 for 15th June (Saturday) from 10am at Blaze Koneski Faculty of Philology.

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