WORKSHOP 2, 5th April 2024, online

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SIRPing with Emi

Step 1

Emi is puzzled by shy Tamara who refuses to say anything in class.

Step 2 - possible reasons:

family issues
parents not able to help
low academic proficiency
nature of task
nature of task organisation (e.g. group, kinesthetic...)
classroom dynamics - judgemental environment?
school culture/environment - student appears more relaxed outside of school grounds
assessment sends leading messages to student
psychological issues among the youth, e.g. due to social media exposure

Step 3 - literature and context:

: authenticity vs attachment, zoning out (What’s the pain?)
wonderful stories from colleagues
student engaging with phone/social media?
talking to her doesn’t help

Step 4 - most likely explanation(s)

family issues
parents not able to help
low academic proficiency

Step 5 - So what? Implications for teaching/learning

personal chat with student to find out more about behaviour
personal chat with parents to find out more about student’s preferences, hobbies, etc. outside of school to be able to address them through tasks
introducing visual means of expression, or other non-verbal communication in class
eliciting from student through writing, as one of the few mediums she doesn’t appear to resist
group/pair work with specific role allotted to student, so she can experience non-academic success
getting student to help teacher with mundane activities to help her experience success
eliciting students’ reactions on lessons, in writing or in drawing
introducing learning stations, where teacher gives different activities (listening, writing, reading) and invites every student to find their own place in the classroom
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