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What does it mean to (be) mentor(ed)?

Submission guidelines

In 500-1000 words, describe your experiences of mentoring or being mentored. Suggested structure of contribution:
Title, author name and surname, school
Context (Describe your teaching/learning to teach context)
What I learnt through mentoring or being mentored (include highlights and support for your claims, e.g. if you claim that you have learnt to reflect on your practice, tell us how this skill is demonstrated in your current practice).
Challenges I faced (Please describe what the challenge was and how you went about it)
Plans to develop further (Explain how you see your learning journey as a mentor and educator developing going forward, in as concrete terms as possible).
Contributions will be peer reviewed.
Envisaged audience for this publication: local teachers (of English, but not only: all teachers need to develop!) and international teachers, therefore consider publishing in both Macedonian and English, to address both audiences.
Deadline for first draft: 1st July 2024.

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