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Macedonian Mentoring Network

School-based mentors developing together with new teachers

Key objectives

Our goal is to grow a small mentoring network into a SIG as part of ELTAMMK, the national EFL teacher association of North Macedonia. The SIG is called Macedonian Mentoring Network (MMN) or, in Macedonian, Македонска менторска мрежа (МММ). We consider mentoring to be a form of professional development, so we envisage mentors and mentees alike to develop professionally through their participation in MMN.


State school teachers from across the country and new teachers (pre-service teachers and recently graduated in-service teachers).

Project outline

Participants take part in four bi-monthly sessions to develop and reflect on their mentoring skills. In between the four sessions, participants practise mentoring or being mentored.

List of allocations: mentor and mentee roles

For a bit of history on the project

It all started with this

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