Minimalist Teen's Guide to Minimalism
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What's Important to Me

Let's play 20 Questions so you can determine what to dedicate your time to, in order to live more deliberately.
📺 Media
1. How much time do I waste watching TV or scrolling through social media?
Your words here.
2. What do I want my relationship with digital media consumption to be?
Your words here.
3. How can I be more deliberate with my screen time?
Your words here.
🗒️ NOTE: Minimalist content
If you’re interested in incorporating more minimalism-related content into your daily digital media consumption, check out the page for a list of minimalist YouTubers, videos and documentaries about living with less.
🏃 Health
4. In what condition are my mental health and physical health right now?
Your words here.
🗒️ NOTE: Not satisfied with your answer?
Here’s an article on . Also, although it’s not listed in the article, I believe that self-care is a great way to improve health––both mental and physical. I’ve been practicing mindfulness daily for the past couple of years and it’s done wonders for my self-awareness and stress. Remember, mental health = health!
5. What am I doing for my mental health?
Your words here.
6. What am I doing for my physical health?
Your words here.
7. How can I be more deliberate with my diet?
Your words here.
🗒️ NOTE: A shameless plug!
Check out I wrote about how you can save 100+ lives this year by eating deliberately! You can also read it in the format of an Instagram post here:
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8. How can I be more deliberate with my exercise?
Your words here.
9. How much sleep am I getting?
Your words here.
🚗 Car
10. Do I need a car?
Your words here.
11. How can I reduce my stress around my car?
Your words here.
🏠 House
12. Does my house suit my new minimalistic lifestyle and personal goals? Is it too large? Too expensive?
Your words here.
13. Do I believe my success is defined by the house I live in?
Your words here.
14. Do I need that extra bedroom or living room? (especially after getting rid of unused furniture!)
Your words here.
15. Should I move into a smaller apartment/house to save money?
Your words here.
💼 Work
Need examples? Check out my answers to these questions.
These answers are from my 17-year-old-self’s journey into minimalism notes. My answers have changed since then but hopefully, these examples are helpful!
What are my values?
Sustainability (the environment)
Aesthetic (cleanliness, neatness)
Beauty (appreciation)
Self-expression (music, art)
What are my beliefs?
Hard work pays off.
If given an opportunity, take advantage of it!
Enjoy the beauty in life, spread the good life.
What are my passions?
Music (indie)
Entertainment (beauty, Chinese TV shows, movies, books)
What do I want to do with my life?
Be healthy/fit
Create joy in other people’s lives! (through music)
Generate value in other’s lives (help others - apps, websites, blogs, tech)
Live on my own; be self-sufficient
Raise children with a partner
Not be toxic to the Earth, to myself or other people
What is my mission?
My mission is to help others by utilizing media and technology, while not being toxic to Earth (sustainability), myself (health), or others (bring joy, not pain).
16. What are my values?
Your words here.
17. What are my beliefs?
Your words here.
18. What are my passions?
Your words here.
19. What do I want to do with my life?
Your words here.
20. What is my mission?
Your words here.
Stuck on that last question?
Complete this quick exercise to determine your mission!
Make a list of everything you want to do with your life. (use your answer to question 19!)
Identify your top 5 items from the list.
What are your top two items?
Focus on those. This is your mission.
Still stuck?
Perhaps will provide inspiration.
I hope this exercise helped you recognize what’s most important to you, so you can focus on those areas and lead a much happier, purposeful and impactful life! 😌
➡️ Now what? Before embarking on your journey, read my !
😲 Did You Know: 25% of people with two-car garages don’t have room to park cars inside them. 32% only have room for one vehicle!

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