Minimalist Teen's Guide to Minimalism

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Final Notes

Some parting words before you embark on your journey.
Hi reader,
Congratulations once again on making it to the end of the !
Remember, I called this the “9 Step Journey INTO minimalism”, not the “9 Step Journey TO minimalism”. Minimalism is not an end goal. The things that add value to your life will constantly change and evolve, so your journey is just getting started.
Additionally, minimalism should not be your end goal. Now that you’ve finished following my 9 steps into minimalism, that doesn’t mean you’re suddenly going to be happy for the rest of your life. Minimalism is simply a tool to clear up time to focus on what’s important. Please take a moment to appreciate the fact that you chose to reclaim your time, your priorities and your life. 🎉
Through minimalism, I’ve finally discovered my capacity to live a much happier, purposeful and impactful life. I hope you can too! I wish you the best of luck on your journey.
Last but not least (and I’m taking this from The Minimalists), if you leave with one message, I hope it’s this: Live simply. Be happy. This is it!
Cheers to this good life,
Diana (aka the ) 💗

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