Minimalist Teen's Guide to Minimalism
9 Step Journey into Minimalism

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Define your life's plan

Before committing to minimalism, get a better plan of how you want to live your life. 馃
Using the Minimalist鈥檚 post as a guide, I developed my plan for my life, addressing questions (posed by the Minimalists) to understand what I define as success and what kind of person I want to become. I asked myself these questions before fully committing to minimalism, to plan how I wanted to live my life.
What is standing in the way of my musts?
When did I give so much meaning to my possessions?
What is truly important in my life?
Why am I discontented?
Who is the person I want to become?
How will I define my success?
How will my life improve if I own less stuff?

Before this exercise, I had never really thought in depth about what my answers were. I recommend you take some time to answer these questions yourself to get a better understanding of your values and beliefs, even if you are not planning on embracing minimalism as I have.

馃憠 Your Turn: Define Your Life鈥檚 Plan!

馃槻 Did You Know: Americans spend more on shoes, jewelry and watches ($100 billion) than on higher education.
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