Minimalist Teen's Guide to Minimalism

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Introducing Minimalism

Answering some frequently asked questions about minimalism.

What is minimalism? 📦

Minimalism is a lifestyle that recognizes how getting rid of life’s excess can clear up time to focus on what’s important—finding happiness, fulfillment, and freedom. It’s important to note that minimalism isn’t simply about getting rid of your belongings or depriving yourself of things. Even with only 50 items, someone can be extremely unhappy.

What is a minimalist? 👔

A minimalist is someone who intentionally lives with less in order to live a more meaningful life. Minimalists can be a 50-year-old mother, a 25-year-old wandering writer, a 17-year-old teenage boy, literally anyone.

Why are you a minimalist? 🙋

I am a minimalist because I not only realized how consumption-driven our consumerist culture is, but I also found that the source of my joy was NOT my things (). I realized that my items don’t define me and that they actually cause a lot of unnecessary stress. Minimalism has allowed me to focus on the aspects of life that I care about and has given me the freedom to live a life that is aligned with my values.
Here I am with my 7 white t-shirts and 3 pairs of blue jeans!

A Quick Note! 🗒️

The reasons why I am a minimalist are not the same for others. As I mentioned before, anyone can be a minimalist, resulting in a wide spectrum of ways minimalism is expressed––“flavors of minimalism”, as Joshua Fields Millburn from likes to say. There is no “correct” way, recipe, or list of steps to follow to become a minimalist. There is no rule book that says you need to only own 50 items and wear a black shirt and jeans every single day.
Every minimalist has their own flavor of minimalism because every minimalist requires and gets value from different things. So whether that means living in a tiny house, or traveling the world with everything in a backpack, the important takeaway is that minimalism helps people clear up their life to live happier, healthier and more deliberately.

➡️ Ready to become a minimalist?

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😲 Did You Know: The average size of the American home has nearly tripled in size over the past 50 years!

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