Minimalist Teen's Guide to Minimalism

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9 Step Journey into Minimalism

Based on The Minimalists 21-Day Journey into Minimalism.
Three years ago, I discovered , which changed my life. I was so inspired by their story that I decided to take a leap of faith like them, getting rid of over 90% of the things that I owned. Now, the items I own all add great value to my life and bring joy to me each time I use them. I haven’t looked back since.
Following The Minimalist’s *, I focused on simplifying different aspects of my life. Unlike the Minimalists, my process of minimizing my things took more than 21 days, and for others, it may take less. Here are the specific steps I took to declutter my life!

A Brief Overview

➡️ Let’s get started! Step .

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😲 Did You Know: The average 10-year-old owns 238 toys but only plays with 12 daily!
*: The Minimalist’s original posts can be found

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