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Wedding planning is no joke.

So much goes into the celebration, and it can be both fun and stressful. I created this Coda doc to keep me organized (and mostly sane) in the planning of my own wedding. And, because it was so helpful to me, I want to share it with you! It’s not a one size fits all doc, but it is a great foundation to build from.
I put all notes/instructions in red so you can easily find them and delete them.

What’s In This Doc?

SO much. Because, frankly, a lot goes into wedding planning. That said, there are a few pages in this doc that are particularly helpful/neat and I’d love to point them out to you.

This isn’t a revolutionary use of Coda, BUT it is very helpful for comparing venues and it’s what I actually used to keep track of the venues I looked at.

This is the best timeline I’ve ever created, and I’ve created in an absurd amount of timelines thus far in my life. It’s way better than any excel sheet. Coda for the win!

Wedding budgets can get complicated when you have multiple people contributing or paying for things. It becomes very tricky to keep track of everything unless you’re super organized. This helped me a lot.

Photographer Shot List

In this page () you’ll find a photographer shot list that utilizes the table as a drop down so you can quickly pull names into your shot list. I think it’s a pretty smart use of Coda, and you could certainly do similar things elsewhere if you wanted.

Guest Tracking & Seating Chart

One of the more difficult things to do is to pull together your seating chart, but Coda made this easy/flexible. The page is a pretty standard Coda table, BUT what’s neat is that the page has a view of this table which allows you to very easily drag and drop those that are attending into different table groupings.
The rest of the Coda doc is fairly elementary but helpful to have plotted out none the less!
Good Luck! 🍀
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