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The rehearsal dinner day timeline below is a simplified timeline given that there are fewer things occurring. If you’re looking for a more involved timeline template you can copy/paste the Wedding Day Timeline and use that!
Rehearsal Dinner Day Timeline | Add Date

Below is the Wedding Day Timeline (I left many of the timeline elements so you can see how I planned my own day and get inspiration). To get started you can remove all the rows and update the “Start of Day.” The column on the far right will increase in hight based on the “How long? (Minutes)” column, this is a handy hack to be able to visually see at a glance how much time is allocated to each activity. If that isn’t helpful to you, or you simply want to condense the view at any time, you can hide those two columns.
Start of Day:
9/18/2021, 9:00 AM
<< First update kick-off date/time to get started with the timeline below!
Wedding Day Timeline | Add Date

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