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Crafting a Unique Mechanism


This SOP outlines the process for crafting a unique mechanism that leverages a product's unique selling proposition (USP) to address the root cause of a specific problem, enhancing the product’s market differentiation and effectiveness.


This procedure is applicable to product development and marketing teams tasked with enhancing product offerings through innovative problem-solving techniques.


The product development team is responsible for conducting research, analysis, and feature selection.
The marketing team oversees the validation process and integrates the findings into marketing strategies.


Understanding Unique Mechanisms:
Objective: Define and understand the concept of a unique mechanism as a process where a USP directly solves the root cause of a problem.
Questions to Address:
What is the root cause of the problem?
What is the USP that solves this root cause?
How does the USP solve the root cause?
Reference Analysis:
Action: Analyze the reference VSL to understand an existing unique mechanism.
Objective: Gain insights into how similar problems are addressed by identifying the nature of mechanisms used in other products.
Example: A product contains a substance that eradicates a harmful agent in the body responsible for a health issue.
Identifying New Root Causes:
Action: Use ChatGPT to research new or rarely heard of root causes of the problem that the product intends to solve.
Prompt Example: "Are there any substances in our body that inevitably grow and cause [specific problem]? If so, what are those?"
Objective: Identify a unique or lesser-known root cause that mirrors the nature of the problem addressed in the reference.
Selecting a Relevant USP:
Action: Based on the newly identified root cause, use ChatGPT to determine which feature(s) of the product best address this root cause.
Prompt Example: "Here are the features of our [product]. Which one best addresses the root cause identified: [list of features]?"
Objective: Match the product's features with the root cause to determine the most effective USP.
Scientific Validation:
Action: Utilize research tools such as Scholar GPT, Consensus, or SciSpace to find scientific studies supporting the effectiveness of the chosen USP in addressing the root cause.
Objective: Gather credible evidence to validate how the USP helps with the root cause, thereby substantiating the unique mechanism.

Documentation and Reporting

Documentation: Maintain detailed records of all research, analyses, decision processes, and validations.
Review: Periodically review the SOP to incorporate new insights and feedback from product development and marketing teams.

Review and Updates

This SOP should be reviewed annually or as needed to ensure it remains effective and relevant to current market conditions and technological advancements.
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