As this will substitute filming and recording, this process includes the following steps:

Model Selection

This process revolves around browsing and looking for potential models or “prospects”. Indicated below are the criteria that you should be looking for a model.
Note: You do not need to communicate with models yet as we are still collating options or prospects.
Age - They should fit the age range for the avatar (Young - late 20s to late 30s, Old - Anywhere from early 50s to late 60s; the older the better)
Ethnicity - We prioritize Caucasian since our target demographic is mostly Caucasian, however, we can also select Latinx or Afro-American if the model fits the other criteria.
Looks - While beauty and aesthetic vary from one another, all we can look for a model is someone who looks approachable, trustworthy, and believable.
Video reels - We need someone who has experience in creating UGC content or Tiktok content. Someone who has good understanding of different shots needed for these platforms. So, make sure to check their video portfolio if they have UGC video reels.
Speaking voice - Aside from the videos, it is very important as well to make sure that the model has a good speaking voice. Someone who doesn’t talk monotonously and can speak English fluently with American accent.
Once you have the options or prospects, the CD (Creative Director) will sort the options using the card system. Those ones to remain in their respective avatar are those that are Approved while those that are not yet approved but are potential option for other projects will be moved to Potential and lastly, the ones that are rejected will be in the Rejected section.

What happens after getting the approved prospects?

It is now the time to communicate with them and ask the following questions:
What is your availability? Are you currently fully booked? Will you be able to create content for us if we hire you in the following days?
What is your average turnaround time?
What filming equipment do you currently have? Do you currently own an iPhone?
What are your other talents aside from acting?
Do you have any hobbies?
What is your current rate?

Model Profiling

Now that you have all the information and approved models, it is time to organize the information and compile them. Model profiling helps a lot with script and concept development so we should always keep this organized and updated. You’ll know more about this on the dedicated page.

Script & Shot List Turnover

On this part, you will be communicating with the corresponding models and endorse them the scripts and shot list:
For 1st time models, you will be sending the , , and General Shot List (This is based on which avatar they belong to)
For repeating models, you will only need to send them the Script and Shot list specifically written for them.

File Turnover & Management

After the model sent you a link to the content that we requested, it is time to organize the files and make sure that the shots in the shot list are completed. Aside from that, you have to make sure that the shots are of quality and to assure that, we indicated few criteria to help you check the quality of the clips.
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