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6. Technical Editing

Once we got the clips from Content Sourcing, the editor should be able to do the technical editing.

What is Technical Editing?

Technical editing is basically the process where we prepare all the necessary materials before coming up with the creative video. In this process, the editor will select the useable clips and audio then cut away all the bad parts.

Why is Technical Editing important?

The simple answer is efficiency. Imagine you’re cooking a dish, you do not want to prepare the ingredients while you are currently cooking the meat in a pan. This will make you unorganized and scattered and you won’t be able to focus on the quality of the food. It is the same case with editing, preparing all clips and audio as early as possible will help you to edit faster and focus on quality all at the same time.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Technical Editing

Technical editing is divided into 3 major parts:
File organization - dealing with file management and naming
Selecting - choosing the clips that have potential to be used
Cutting - removing bad takes from the clips that you selected
For a more in-depth information about technical editing, I recommend that you watch .

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