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4. Scriptwriting

Aside from entertaining, educating, and sharing to our target market, our main goal when writing scripts is to: Inspire the customers to take action as soon as they’ve finished watching the video.
Generally, our scripts should follow this broad flow: Grab attention → Touch pain points & emotional triggers → Call-to-action
With that in mind, here is a breakdown of how we should approach scriptwriting based from Mirella’s process:
Use the Concept Development Template as an outline for the script.
Use the when writing the script. Always make sure to just create a copy as you won’t be allowed to edit it directly.
With the help of , dumb down the script.
When done with the script and you’re confident with its quality, update the and paste the link to your script to the corresponding date.
Lastly, update the Script Status to “For Review” and add a comment tagging Rie so he can be notified and review the script.

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