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2. Audience Analysis

We have yet to complete all the audience analyses and avatars. This’ll definitely be a work in progress..
Here are the following customer profiles that we have for each avatar:
Target Audience
PF - Nancy
Age: 55 Gender: Female Occupation: Nurse Family Status: Divorced with three grown-up children Location: Lives in an urban city on the East Coast, USA Income: $75,000 per year
PF - Adam
Age: 48 Gender: Male Occupation: High school physical education teacher Family Status: Married with two children Location: Lives in a suburban neighborhood in the Midwest, USA Income: $60,000 per year
PF - Mike
Age: 44 Gender: Male Occupation: Office job (IT Specialist) Family Status: Single with no children Location: Lives in a major city on the West Coast, USA Income: $80,000 per year
ART - Angela
Age: 45 Gender: Female Occupation: High school gym teacher Family Status: Single with no children Location: Lives in a suburban town in California, USA Income: $60,000 per year
ART - Oliver
Age: 60 Gender: Male Occupation: Software engineer Family Status: Married with two grown-up children Location: Lives in Austin, Texas, USA Income: $95,000 per year
ART - Ruth
Age: 70 Gender: Female Occupation: Retired school teacher Family Status: Widowed with four grown-up children and several grandchildren Location: Lives in a small town in the Midwest, USA Income: Relies on her retirement funds and social security, earning around $45,000 per year
PF - Nancy
Customer Image
Age: 55
Gender: Female
Occupation: Nurse
Family Status: Divorced with three grown-up children
Location: Lives in an urban city on the East Coast, USA
Income: $75,000 per year
Nancy is dedicated to her career in healthcare and often works long, demanding shifts.
She enjoys going for long walks in the city and bird watching during her free time.
She believes in the importance of self-care, and is committed to maintaining her health and wellbeing.
Nancy is typically skeptical about quick-fix solutions and values evidence-based treatments.
Challenges and Pain Points
Nancy struggles with chronic heel pain due to plantar fasciitis, worsened by long hours on her feet at work.
She's tried numerous types of footwear, but has yet to find a pair that provides the support and comfort she needs.
Nancy is struggling to enjoy her walks and bird watching due to her heel pain.
Goals and Aspirations
Nancy's main goal is to find a long-term solution to her plantar fasciitis pain that doesn't require invasive procedures.
She is interested in options like physical therapy, orthotics, and lifestyle adjustments.
She wishes to continue her active lifestyle without being held back by foot pain.
Biggest Fears
Career Impact: Nancy could fear that her plantar fasciitis might affect her ability to perform her job. Nurses often have to stand for long hours, and severe foot pain could limit her effectiveness and job satisfaction.
Decreased Quality of Life: Given her active urban lifestyle and interest in self-care, Nancy may be afraid that her plantar fasciitis will limit her mobility, independence, or ability to enjoy her usual activities and hobbies.
Chronic Pain: Nancy might be afraid that her plantar fasciitis could become a chronic condition, leading to persistent pain and discomfort.
Long-term Health Consequences: As a health professional, Nancy might fear potential long-term health consequences associated with plantar fasciitis or the medications used to manage its symptoms.
Dependency: Much like Active Adam, Nancy might also fear becoming dependent on painkillers or other forms of medication to manage her plantar fasciitis pain.
Neglecting Personal Health: Nurses often put the health of their patients before their own. Nancy might fear that by focusing on her patients, she's neglecting her own health and wellness, which could potentially worsen her plantar fasciitis.
Bird Watching: In her spare time, Nancy enjoys bird watching. She finds it relaxing and enjoys the challenge of identifying different species. This hobby also encourages her to take gentle, restorative walks which help manage her plantar fasciitis symptoms.
Walking: Living in an urban city, Nancy enjoys long walks exploring her city. This could be walking in local parks, wandering through different neighborhoods, or participating in walking tours.
Reading: To unwind and relax, Nancy might enjoy reading. This could range from novels to non-fiction books, perhaps with a focus on health and wellness given her profession.
Cooking: Nancy might enjoy cooking healthy meals for herself and sometimes her grown-up children when they visit. Experimenting with new recipes can be a form of relaxation and a way to ensure she maintains a balanced diet.
Attending Health and Wellness Seminars: Given her interest in self-care and maintaining her health, Nancy might enjoy attending health and wellness seminars and workshops, where she can learn new information and strategies to enhance her wellbeing.
Gardening: If she has access to a small garden or balcony, Nancy might find joy in gardening. It can act as a therapeutic activity, helping her unwind and de-stress after her shifts.
Information Sources
Nancy prefers credible sources of information, like medical journals, healthcare websites, and advice from fellow medical professionals.
She also attends health and wellness seminars and workshops when possible.
Objections or Concerns
Nancy is concerned about the effectiveness of treatments and whether they will allow her to continue working long hours.
She's worried about the potential costs involved, especially if treatments are not covered by her health insurance.
Products/Services This Customer Might Like
Custom orthotic inserts that can be worn with her nursing shoes.
A well-structured physical therapy program tailored for plantar fasciitis sufferers.
Comfortable, supportive, and durable nursing shoes designed for those with foot pain.
Non-invasive pain relief options, such as a foot massager designed for plantar fasciitis relief.
Educational resources (like eBooks or webinars) about managing and treating plantar fasciitis
Here's a potential day in the life:
5:30 AM: Nancy's alarm goes off. She starts her day early to get in a little personal time before work. She uses this time to do some gentle stretches to manage her plantar fasciitis pain and prepare for the day ahead.
6:30 AM: After her morning routine, Nancy has a quick shower and prepares a healthy breakfast, often oatmeal with fruits and a cup of coffee.
7:30 AM: Nancy leaves for work at the hospital. She enjoys a short walk to the bus stop and takes the public transport to her workplace.
8:00 AM: She arrives at work and starts her shift. This involves a lot of time on her feet, walking around the hospital attending to patients, conducting patient assessments, administering medication, and coordinating with doctors and other healthcare professionals.
12:00 PM: Lunch break. Nancy tries to take a few minutes to sit and rest her feet. She typically brings a packed lunch from home - something wholesome and energizing.
12:30 PM: After lunch, she returns to her duties. Her afternoon may include assisting with medical procedures, updating patient records, and educating patients and their families about post-discharge care.
4:00 PM: Nancy gets a short afternoon break. She uses this time to hydrate, have a healthy snack, and rest her feet.
5:00 PM: As her shift ends, Nancy wraps up her work, updating any necessary paperwork and ensuring her patients are comfortable.
5:30 PM: Nancy makes her way home, sometimes stopping by the grocery store for essentials.
6:30 PM: Once home, Nancy prepares a simple but nutritious dinner. After dinner, she might do some reading, watch TV, or call her children to check in on them.
8:00 PM: Before bed, Nancy does some light stretching to help manage her foot pain and relax her body after a long day.
9:00 PM: Nancy ends her day early to ensure she gets enough sleep to be ready for another busy day at the hospital.

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