Tradie Profit System

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12. Worksheet: Finding Your Unique Value Proposition


Worksheet: Finding Your Unique Value Proposition

Define Your Target Market:
Who is your ideal customer? Describe their demographics, interests, and pain points.
Identify Customer Needs and Pain Points:
What are the main challenges or problems your target market faces?
How does your trade business address these needs?
List Your Competitors:
Identify your main competitors in the trade industry.
What are their strengths and weaknesses?
Brainstorm Your Unique Qualities:
What sets your trade business apart from competitors?
Consider your skills, expertise, experience, or specialized services.
Determine the Benefits You Offer:
How do your services benefit your customers?
What value do you provide that competitors may not?
Craft Your Value Proposition:
Summarize your unique qualities and benefits into a clear statement.
Keep it concise and compelling, focusing on the main value you offer.
Test Your Value Proposition:
Share your value proposition with colleagues or potential customers.
Gather feedback and refine it based on their reactions.
Incorporate Your Value Proposition:
Update your website, marketing materials, and social media profiles to highlight your unique value proposition.
Use it in conversations with potential clients to differentiate your trade business.
Evaluate and Adjust:
Regularly review and refine your value proposition based on customer feedback and market changes.

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