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Check in with your team with a simple question: how do you feel?
Meetings, by definition, bring people together. But challenges remain when it comes to actually making meaningful connections between people in a room, be it virtual or otherwise. In fact, actually feel isolated at work, meetings and all. Meetings don't have to be boring and dryーsometimes a little personality is what you need to keep people engaged.
Personalize the Team sentiment tracker by including additional columns that allow meeting attendees to more deeply express their personality. YouTube videos of interest? Spotify tracks? You can link them and share the details!
Feel free to delete or add columns.
💡 Copy this template or type /team sentiment tracker in your doc.

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Doing great today!
Felix Marlin
The Agricultural Revolution | World history | Khan Academy
Lost In Yesterday
Feeling a little behind on this week's work
Lola Tseudonym
Indus Valley civilization | World history
Always Remember Us This Way
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