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Best Personal Productivity Tools

The line between work and personal life is blurry. You’re working from home while also doing chores, making meals, and entertaining your family. Carving out specific time—whether that be for yourself, your family, or to work—can bring back the work-life balance that keeps you sane.
Remember you know your situation (and limits) best, so put personal productivity tools and strategies to the test with this collection of drag-and-drop templates. But first, let’s start with a definition.

What Are Personal Productivity Tools?

Personal productivity tools are software, mobile apps, automation tools, and templates designed to help you be more productive. They are typically simple-to-use and built to help you streamline everyday processes. Personal productivity tools range from task management, communication, scheduling, note-taking, invoicing, and more.

Personal Productivity Tools Templates

Use these Coda templates to your advantage to build your own personal productivity system.

To-do List

Checklists help externalise all tasks that need to be done and help calm the internal chatter that tends to lead to overwhelm.

Time Tracker

Keep yourself focused by using a timer to track the time while you are working on your tasks.

Exercise Tracker

Exercise can help you boost your productivity.

Personal Productivity Tools FAQ

What is personal productivity?

Personal productivity refers to your ability to efficiently complete the tasks that are assigned to you or are important to you. It refers to your task management and time management skills and techniques that you rely on to achieve the defined goals.

What are the types of productivity tools?

There are several types of productivity tools you can use to better manage your personal and professional time and tasks. Some of the most common ones include:
Project management tools
Time tracking tools
Collaboration tools
Note-taking tools
File-sharing tools
Productivity software

Which are the best productivity tools?

Some of the world's best productivity tools for managing in-house and remote teams include:
Coda templates for a productivity solution you can customize
Slack & Zoom for day-to-day team communication and virtual meetings
Todoist & Evernote note-taking apps
Trello, Asana & Basecamp project management tools used to streamline team collaboration
Clockify, Timesheets & Rescuetime for better time management
Dropbox secure storage solutions
Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint) & Google Drive (Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sheets)
Zapier for cross-platform automation

What are the best personal productivity tips?

It can easily happen that despite all the productivity apps and software out there, you are still unable to complete your tasks efficiently and meet the defined due dates. If that is the case with you, try to improve your workflow by:
Writing down all your tasks instead of relying solely on project management tools
Working on the least favorite and/or most time-consuming tasks first thing in the morning
Trying the Pomodoro technique
Optimizing your workspace to get rid of any known distractions - get the right chair/desk, hide your iPhone, spend less time on social media, get noise-canceling headphones, etc.
Taking a break - get some exercise or take a walk
Delegating certain tasks to your team members
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