Outer Mind Game

Reminder: you are interupting their day.
The right client is interested, don't waste time on people that are NOT.
The GOAL is to find time to discuss this further or schedule demo NO hard sell.
If “they” get to imagine themselves with plenty of leads in the next few weeks/months they likely to buy. (eg: What would an extra xx do for you?)
Pain and pleasure anology. Pain is good. Pain opens doors. Find the pain, subtly. People buy to get rid of pain.
Problem causes pain...
Competition causes pain...
Missing out causes pain...

Inner Mind Game

Try not to use carrot and stick mindset. Relaying on rewards only won't go far.
Find Intrinsic Motivation: by the work itself motivation, the challenge and art of cold call.
Growth and mastery: When you feel you're growing and mastering new skills, that often makes you more engaged and motivated.
Think of the pain from not calling and the high of closing.
100 calls = 2 appts/day x 5 days = 10 appts
10 appts = 2 sales $600
20 appts = $1200

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