NEPQ Cold Call - Template


Hi Name It's Will, I was wondering if you can help me out for a moment...

Client: Yes

Actually, I’m not quite sure you could yet, I was just calling to see if you/your company would be open to looking at any possible hidden gaps in your ______ that could be causing you to lose/miss out ______ ?

Well you know how a lot of _____ are finding it hard to market themselves online and end up losing out on potential clients…

Well what I do is I help those ______ stand out with their marketing so they can get more ______ Now, would you be interested in possibly learning more about something like this? (confused tone)

Client: Yes

Great! and really quick, Name just a few questions so I don't waste your time... (I really care)


How are you currently getting customers? what have you done in the past, try anything online before.. (Situation)
If you could change a few things about your marketing what could it be? (Problem awarness)
And what would be the ideal scenario your trying to get to in the next 3-6 months, any goals/targets? (Solution awarness)
Roughly, how many deals are you doing in a month, just a ballpark? (Budget)
Name what happens if you can’t achieve that goal? (Consequence)
Lastly, How soon are you looking to improve that? If you find something that could help you.. are u looking for something immediate or maybe later? (Timeframe)

What would do

Awesome! Well, (PAUSE) based on what you’ve told me, you would be a perfect candidate for this. (PERFECT!!)
Let me tell you why.
See what we do here, is simply deliver you opportunities to work with ___________ in one of the most effective strategies, and that's leveraging social media, which btw it has already been proven to work with many other businesses..
Feature 1 - We generate you leads and we'll call them and have them qualified before transferring them to you or booking the appt for you.
Benefit 1 - So you can get an extra 10-20 hours of your week back while you're still closing more customers than ever. (so you don't have to cold call, door knock or rely only on referrals.)
Feature 2 - We use only proven strategies that have already been proven to work with other solar companies & you can see results within the next few weeks. We guarantee results.
Benefit 2 - So you're really not taking much risk and it's got a huge upside potential, if this works out as planned which I know it will…it can be a game changing new revenue generating system for you down the road..
So, what I wanna do is schedule a demo sometime this week, when it's convenient and walk you through the process. I'll share some really helpful info on that call, completely FREE and if you like what you see ...and it makes sense, maybe we can help you as well… is that fair? (reasonable guy)
Great! How's 11am.. ? Anyone else involved in the decision making?
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