Module 6: Podcasting

I had originally planned to do a final story as an audio project, but we ran out of time. Instead, we are going to do a set of audio podcasts based on discussions of your trend stories. Depending on how they come out, we will publish and publicize the podcasts as appropriate.
Podcasts have become enormously popular over the past few years because they’re easy to make and easy to consume. One of the most time-consuming parts of reviewing applications for next year’s sports media institute class was listening to all the podcasts applicants submitted.
The thing is, they all consisted of two to four people sitting around offering their opinions on either the NFL or UGA football. The roundtable format—which I may or may not have referred to as a “dudebro podcast” in reviewing applications for our program—is incredibly popular. However, the problem is that you need to put in an extraordinary amount of time a) digesting and synthesizing information and b) developing an audio style that makes you compelling to listen to. It was painfully obvious that most of the folks submitting podcasts had done neither.
Moreover, in December, you have neither the time nor the brainspace to accomplish either of these things for your stories. So I want you to develop and record a different kind of podcast to cap off our semester in multiplatform. You have three choices:
Option A: Gabfest: Two or three classmates have a two-part discussion about two particular issues, talking about dimensions of that issue and sharing the information they’ve received in their reporting. This is NOT just offering hot takes on the topic, but rather discussing what you’ve learned about that topic. For examples, check out or . This should be 15-20 minutes, with half the time devoted to each topic. I only want one recording for this podcast, but I will grade each individual’s contributions separately.
Option B: Interview: Gather 1-2 players from your club team to discuss the topic you covered in your trend story. You are the host/interviewer, kind of like . Structure the conversation around aspects of that topic. Also 15-20 minutes.
Option C: Audio story: Using recordings from your interviews, build an audio story using a process very similar to the video profile using SOT to convey impressions, feelings, impact and V/O to explain backstory.
Regardless of which format you choose, follow these steps:

Assignment 6_1

Examine this chart of what everyone did for their trend story. Decide which of the options you’re going to pursue for your podcast. If you chose the “gabfest” option, identify partners from class to do it with. Post a note to the assignment 6_1 podcast channel with your plans. Also, post a link to your favorite podcast and explain what you like about it.

Assignment 6_A

Gabfest: Meet with partners and discuss topics. Pick one person to serve as host and one to serve as producer. Put together a rundown sheet that summarizes the following:
Host and producer duties
The two topics to cover
Key points each podcaster plans to make
Put that sheet in a Google doc and share to the Module6_A channel.
Interview: Confirm availability with interview guests. Put together an agenda for the conversation that lays out the questions you plan to ask. You should share that document with your guests, and put a link in Module6_A.
Audio story: Write out a quick script with descriptions of SOT and V/O and post to Module 6_A.

Assignment 6_B

You will record the podcast in Studio 404 down the hall from our classroom (we’ll take a field trip during class). You can reserve space in the studio . Drop a note in channel Module6_B stating when you’ll record the podcast.

Assignment 6_C

To record on the master board, you’ll need a micro-SD card like the one on the left (I know Michael and several other students already have one):
Plan on recording 25-30 minutes of podcast. Put a note in Module6_C discussing how the session went, anything that you thought went particularly well and things you would do differently. For the gabfest format, the host should post her own comment and guests should add theirs as replies to that comment.

Assignment 6_D

The producer should import the audio into Adobe Audition (which works like Premiere but is much easier). Cut out stutters, awkward responses, and anything else that didn’t work well to end up with a final cut of 15-20 minutes. Upload to Google Drive and paste a link in Module6_D.

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​11:59 PM
Homework 6_1 (podcast intro)
​12:45 PM
Podcast introduction and organization
​11:59 PM
Field Assignment
Field assignment 6_A (Podcast plan and rundown)
​12:45 PM
Podcast mechanics and review
​11:59 PM
Field Assignment
Field assignment 6_B (Schedule)
​11:59 PM
Field Assignment
Field assignment 6_C (Review)
​11:59 PM
Field Assignment
Field assignment 6_D (final)
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