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Grades and assigments

This course will function as a seminar in which we will learn about and discuss current issues in media and how they are framed on both side of the Atlantic. As a seminar, it will be focused on exploring issues and finding material to bring to class. I do not believe in exams in a course like this, but there will be a lot of reading, reflective writing, and discussion.
Class participation: 30%
Was the student active in small group discussions, class discussions, or both?
Did the student engage with the topics at hand?
Each absence not previously cleared with the instructor will count a point against the final grade.
Reflective writing 30%
Did the student turn in the assignment on time?
Was the assignment written coherently, with good grammar, mechanics and organization?
Did the student engage with the materials assigned?
Did the student provide thoughtful responses to the question posted?
Framing analyses: 40%
Did the student/group meet the deadlines for the proposal and the full assignment?
Did the analysis meet the assignment specifications for length and topic?
Was the analysis written coherently, with good grammar, mechanics and organization?
Did the analysis demonstrate good research and background information?
Did the analysis include thoughtful analysis of news stories?
Did the analysis coherently explain frames involved?
Did the analysis provide conclusions about differences among authors, publications, and national/international context?
Did the analysis offer appropriate conclusions about interests served, limitations of the analysis, and implications of the frames used?
In the presentation...
Did the student/group present frames compellingly?
Did they present context?
Did they present conclusions and implications for media and society appropriately?
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