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Excursion 1: Manchester (Module 2)


We will explore the second module on women’s soccer in the historic city of Manchester, meeting with the director of media for Manchester City FC (both men’s and women’s teams) and Prof. Beth Fielding-Lloyd of Sheffield-Hallam University.

💡 This is an overnight trip! The coach ride is also around 3 to 3.5 hours, so be sure to grab lunch on your own before departing on Wednesday.
You should pack business casual wear for this trip. Dress comfortable for the bus and dinner on Wednesday — note that it will be a bit cooler in Manchester than Oxford. However, for Thursday, you should dress business casual: no jeans, collared shirts for men, presentable skirts/dresses/slacks for women. Also wear shoes comfortable enough to walk around in.



4:00 PM: Check in with Zack at the front gates of Trinity (inside, by the Porter’s office). We will walk together to the Taylorean to board the coach to Manchester:
4:15 PM: Depart from the Taylorean
7:30 - 7:50 PM: Arrive in Manchester, check in to Holiday Inn Media City:
7:55 PM: Meet at entrance of Holiday Inn to walk to dinner together.
8:00 PM: Dinner reservations at The Botanist
After dinner, return to Holiday Inn Media City for the night.


7:00 AM: Dr. Suggs will get out for a slow run (3ish miles) if anyone would like to join
Breakfast at hotel
9:30 AM: Depart hotel for English National Football Museum. Bring your luggage with you.
10am-11am: visit general collection
ASSIGNMENT: Find one particular exhibit focused on a male footballer/team and one on women. (You can use the 11am event for the latter). Take a few notes on why you think the museum curators chose this particular moment/player/team to feature in this museum. What made it special? What story does it tell, and what frames does it use to tell that story? Post a quick note to #08footballmuseum.
11am: Meet at Score Gallery for special exhibit “Crossing the Line” on the history of women’s football.
12:00 PM: Conversation with Dr. Beth Fielding-Lloyd, Sheffield-Hallam U., and Caroline Oatway, Manchester City FC/WFC.
1:30 - 2:30 PM: Lunch at Pizza Express
2:40 PM: Board the coach back to Oxford.
2:45 PM: Coach departs.
5:45 - 6:00 PM: Arrive in Oxford, change for high table at Keble College

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