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Before we get started, let's outline a few instructions to make this workbook easy to complete.
We always start our Strategy Level-Ups and Summits by having our clients define their Value Proposition. This one step makes the strategy process easier and provides a unified focus.
Why start with a Value Proposition? Because it explains how a business will win in its market. Skipping this step will lead to inaccurate business initiatives and a gap in people skills.
Following the Value Prop is the Business Capabilities Matrix. This matrix highlights key areas within the VALUE CHAIN that are essential for every business and directly ties to the Value Prop. The four key areas we start with are:
What we SELL: (products or services)
How we DELIVER (the products or service to our customers)
How we COLLECT the payment from our customers
How we GOVERN our organization (internal governance and external compliance)
Each of these columns requires the completion of four points:
KEY SUCCESS MEASURES (KSM) which define what we measure to know if we're successful
KEY ACTIVITIES (KA) which define very specific and intentional actions required to achieve the KSM(s)
SKILLS & ABILITIES which define the specific PEOPLE characteristics needed to do the KA(s)
TOOLS & RESOURCES which define the specific TECHNOLOGY (and other non-human resources) needed to help the people do the KA(s) to achieve the KSM(s)
Once the Value Prop and the Business Capabilities Matrix have been completed, only then can an organization consider the Strategic Initiatives needed to win in the market!
When considering a Strategic Initiative, the following questions must be answered (for each initiative):
What is the PURPOSE of this initiative?
What is/are the OBJECTIVES or DELIVERABLES for this initiative? What do we expect to accomplish
RESPONSIBILITY & ACTIONS define who will be responsible for this initiative (we call this person the Champion of this initiative) and outlines the respective Actions that are required to achieve the defined Objective(s).
The REQUIRED RESOURCES identifies the people, skills, technology, and other items required to achieve the Objective(s).
Finally, RISKS & BLINDSPOTS provide insights into what could stop or delay achieving the intended Objective(s), or even change the initiative altogether.
Now that you've got a better understanding of what this is, set aside 15 minutes to begin your first draft! You can use this template time and again to focus on each product or service, as well as each Strategic Initiative.
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