Session 7 ー 1530-1715 PST

Automated and Autonomous Legal Entities

Main Room(1530-1715):
💡 Persistent Breakout Room:
✨ CoMakery Public Working Group:
Session Description: This panel and facilitated discussion will gather people representing top projects around the world actually creating automated or autonomous legal entities. The session will begin with representatives providing a brief overview of and update on their projects (30 - 45 min) to set the context for a discussion of the most important use cases, problems to be solved and opportunities for adoption and advancement of this new way to create and use legal entities.
Session Facilitator:
@Dazza Greenwood
Session co-pilot:
@Bryan Wilson
@Andrew Domzalski
@Noah Thorp
@Aaron Wright
@Ori Shimony
@Gaia Dempsey

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