Session 4 ー 1130-1230 PST

Measuring Impact with Digital Currencies and Stablecoins

Main Room (1130-1230):
💡 Persistent Breakout Room:
✨ CoMakery Public Working Group:
Session Description: Digital currencies recently made
again as a potential tool for the distribution of emergency handouts to citizens in urgent need in the midst of the current crisis. Programmable digital currencies used to track alternative measures of value also offer much broader potential for coordinating around common goals and value sets.
The preceding sessions around coordination to support interoperability between nation states, corporations, and citizens, with regards to public health, and climate data, set the context for this working session’s discussions around the state of digital currencies, and the opportunities they bring for measuring impact and creating interoperable, polycentric governance frameworks designed for trust-flow, stability, and inclusion.
Session Facilitator:
@Tony Lai
@Robert O'Brien
@Catherine Gu
@Robert Greene

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