Interoperable Governance Summit - Earth 2030 @FutureLaw
April 6th, 2020
9:00am – 6:00pm PST
(A series of online working sessions throughout the day)
Interoperable Governance Summit - Earth 2030 @FutureLaw is an invitation-only online working session at which all attendees are invited as active participants.
Please RSVP at your earliest convenience by registering
. Registration is free.
We also wish to recognize that for many in our community, priorities are rapidly shifting, and so are sensitive to the needs of speakers and participants who may no longer be able to attend all or any of the sessions. Please feel free to contact us if you need to change your registration at any time.
Event Description:
These are unprecedented times. Our context seems to change each day, as more of the world enters enforced isolation, and as we witness our friends, families, and communities fall victim to the virus, and its psychological and economic fallout.
As a gesture of community solidarity and resilience, we invite you to join an interdisciplinary, online gathering focused on collective sense-making, knowledge, and skill-sharing around critical digital technologies and their role in supporting global policy-makers and community-leaders. Our full-day of online working sessions will be carefully facilitated to allow for practicing online collaboration skills, and sharing and ongoing discussion around the immediate and longer-term research and action that our community is uniquely placed to contribute at this juncture.
The summit will commence with a focus on immediate, near term research and projects that are currently putting in place legal and technical governance standards to enable coordination and the sharing of data to address urgent pandemic-response needs. A key issue is how to balance unprecedented surveillance capabilities with the preservation of privacy and civil liberties, which if preserved, can encourage the trust that promotes sharing and compliance.
We will be engaging with some of the tools of scenario planning and world-building, to look at how these developing frameworks for coordinated action and interoperable governance can apply also to ongoing research and projects, including around climate action and financial regulation. And we will hear from leading thinkers and builders in considering what future role will be played by both legal professionals and legally engineered tools, such as automated legal entities.
As lawyers, policy-makers, technologists, and community-leaders, working together, we can learn from one another and help build the capacity to be responsive and resilient in these uncertain times, via coordinated governance frameworks that enable collaboration between diverse groups, in both urgent, and longer-term service of the common good.
Please RSVP at your earliest convenience by registering
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