Session 2 ー 0930-1030 PST

COVID-19: Legal Frameworks for Data Interoperability and Governance

Main Room (0930-1030):
💡 Persistent Breakout Room:
✨ CoMakery Public Working Group:
Session Description: We will hear about and discuss a range of near term research and projects that are currently putting in place legal and technical governance standards to enable coordination and the sharing of data to address urgent pandemic-response needs. We will discuss and work on key issues being addressed around balancing the use of unprecedented surveillance capabilities with the preservation of privacy and civil liberties.
What are the ways we can build data governance mechanisms and consent frameworks to engender the trust that promotes sharing and compliance?
What governance principles and mechanisms are required to support interoperability between different projects in support of common goals?
Session Facilitators:
@Dazza Greenwood
@Tony Lai
@Jeffrey Ladish
@Erica Frank

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