Session 1 ー 0900-0930 PST

🌍 Welcome to Earth 2030. Online collaboration tools, norm-setting and skillshare

Main Room (0930-1030):
Session Description:
Welcome! This session will be a short logistics overview and a quick introduction to the online collaboration tools and protocols we will be using for our working sessions, as well as a chance to check-in.
Meeting Protocols:
One main Zoom room () will be used for all sessions. You will have received the password at the email you registered with.
Muting: All participants will be muted on entering the zoom room. Please remain on mute when not speaking. Facilitators may mute where background noise is evident. Feel free to unmute yourself when speaking.
Recording: The
main Zoom room will be recorded. Recordings will be shared with participants and there will be a simple process for requesting comments made on the record be removed.
Gallery View.
: These will also be used in the main room to facilitate additional engagement between participants.
Renaming: You can rename yourself in Zoom to add your organization, or to help us organize you into breakout rooms.
Quick introductions.
💬Slack will be used for questions and discussion, simultaneously to the
Zoom sessions, as well as before and after sessions. ()
Slack Session Channels: A channel is set up for each session; please see links per session, below.
Ask Qs in Slack: Please ask questions and leave comments in the Slack channel.
Facilitation: Facilitators may a participant in the Zoom room to introduce a question or comment into the main zoom session, or seek to work these in as part of an engaging flow to the discussion.
💡While the main Zoom room will host the main discussion for each session, persistent topic-focused online breakout-rooms are available for use as secondary spaces for discussion during each session, and which will also be open before and after the session. These rooms will not be recorded.
💡Participants can also establish their own breakouts here:
Your welcome to join the Earth 2030 public working group projects on CoMakery as part of the ongoing conversations around these topics:
Each session has it’s own project linked to the Mission above:
COVID-19 Data / Gov:
Automated Autonomous Legal Entities:
Data Driven Climate:
Measuring Impact w/ Digital Currencies:
Law Firm Goals Blockchain:
Future of Blockchain Ethics:

Session Facilitator:
@Tony Lai

Session Notes


Source: after Larry Lessig: Code is Law

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