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ADHD Chore Hacks
ADHD makes it difficult to keep up with repetitive tasks or social responsibilities like chores or even calling back your grandma. This doc is here to do the heavy lifting for you! From paying the bills to calling your bff Jill, this doc is here to help you keep track of what you need to do from the daily to the yearly.

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The Pages:

The is where you input all the chores you have to do, which day you’d like to do them on, how frequent they need to be done, etc. This page is important as it is referenced by the Daily Chores page, the Decluttering Rooms page, and the Maintenance page. Visit this page first to get started.
The page is to help you tackle all the chores you have on a daily and weekly basis.
The page is for tidying rooms. Basically, this pages addresses anything too small or situational to fit in the Daily Chores page, like moving the book from your room back to the bookshelf in the den.
The page is to help you keep track of who you need to contact for whatever reason.
The page is for tasks that don’t fit into the Daily Chores list, like getting an oil change for your car or replacing your air filters. Typically for tasks that recur bi-weekly or longer.
The is just as it sounds, a grocery list.

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